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+234816 658 0486 zedichorah brotherhood occult is a sacred fraternity with a grand lodge temple situated in g.r.a phase 1 port harcourt nigeria, our number one obligation is to make every initiate member here rich and famous in other rise the powers of guardians of age+. +234816 658 0486 searching on how to join the zedichorah brotherhood money ritual occult is not the problem but make sure you've thought about it very well before reaching us here because not everyone has the heart to do what it takes to become one of us here, but if you think you're serious minded and ready to run the spiritual race of life in other to acquire all you need here on earth contact spiritual grandmaster now for inquiry +234816 658 0486 +234816 658 0486 often many has ventured into spiritual means of acquiring luxury but only few get to the peak when it comes to spiritual wealth & luxury not because they are spiritually infected or unworthy but it’s on clearer view to the human world now to actually know that it takes a great sacrifice and offering to pierce the heart of the spiritual world in order to make a request not just to make a request but to get answers and positive positive response for the spiritual guardians of age. we the initiate members of zedichorah brotherhood have been able to gain a spiritual close guarded secret of acquiring wealth power & protection from the guardians of age through the orders of the temple grandmaster and other spiritual leaders of the grand lodge temple. +234816 658 0486 we know very well that everyone thinks they have all it takes to be rich and famous not minding the fact that only few has the ability and grace to be wealthy, because if making wealth was that easy everyone should have been wealthy by now. making enquiries to join us here might be open for everyone but not everyone is accepted at the end of the day. zedichorah occult is not for the rich or poor but for the “destined to be rich” it doesn’t matter where you are coming from or who you think you’re, once your destiny matches the spiritual heart of this occult you’re certain to be accepted and transformed from poor to rich or rich to richer & powerful. all zedichorah brotherhood initiate members are entitled to everything that makes life worth living no matter how expensive it might be cars houses luxurious life but one thing you must put first is courage and bravery because those are the keys to unlock to ones fortune, and before any man/woman can be accepted here he or she is expected to have made up his or her mind knowing the task ahead, though we do not use human blood for sacrifice but do not be deceived; we use animal blood to please the lord guardians of age to accept you after which you’ll be endowed with riches and luxury but know that there’s a grand prize to pay which is you offering your soul to the lord lucifer at certain stage {85yrs} ………… nothing else will be required until your last sacrificial rite and money will not be your problem again until you die. there 7 sacred rules guiding this sacred occult which makes it easy and the best fraternity to belong, this rules can only be disclosed to an already initiated member, strict measures are applied in terms of keeping the secrets of this great occult which instant death, so if you know you can’t keep shut when the close guarded secrets are been giving to you during your initiation ritual; do yourself good by staying away other than bringing calamity upon yourself and household. the zedichorah brotherhood was founded in india by african brothers who took decision to change the course of nature in other for life to be easy in the early days of allaquathamin, there by making the home of the lord zedichorah brotherhood to be in africa, we have our temples here in africa of which the grand lodge temple hq is situated in a hidden location in port harcourt river's state nigeria. many individuals has taken the risk of attempting #i_want_to_join_illuminati #i_want-to-join_the_free_masons #i_want_to_join_odd_fellows and many other search requests; though there’re other fraternities like mentioned above but the bad news is you can never be linked to any of this occults by anyone unless they want to give you false hopes thereby extorting from you. because the illuminati, free masons, odd fellows and others will come for you only when you’re rich and famous, in other to use your influence to get to more famous and wealthy individuals and secondly these fraternities has there countries and continent where they accept people …e.g europe asian north-america e.t.c. africa is believed to be the black sheep of the continent there by disregarding whatever concerns africa apart from extortion and illegal exportations of mama africas mineral resources; the zedichorah brotherhood occult accepts anyone hence you’re human and your destiny matches the secret heart of this brotherhood in addition you’ve got to have the heart to do whatever it takes to become one of us not minding your anxiety & fears. because of fraudulent activities we,ve sealed every online enquiries through false agents or false contacts pretending to be coming from the zedichorah brotherhood temple media, for this reason it’s now on the decisions of the temple grandmaster to accept, confirm & certify any interested individual who have decided to join this brotherhood under the spiritual guardians of the {sgm. ls. chief sir chris uchemba} if you’re still out there thinking on #how #to #join #occult #for #money #ritual for work-promotion business-growth job-promotion fame power wealth political appointment and other good things of life contact temple grandmaster today for enquiries to know if your destiny will be accepted here; call: +234816 658 0486 +234816 658 0486 have you been looking for a way to end poverty in your life and you have gone many places for spiritual help with no good result this is the final stage of your struggling in life just contact the zedichorah brotherhood kingdom today and have your financial break through. this is a great opportunity given to the wise people in africa are you frustrated in life, +234816 658 0486 welcome to zedichorah brotherhood of money and fame we are here to educate everyone who are interested in becoming a member of an secret society for endless wealth and power, we are here to reduce the level of poverty in the world, if you want to be like e-money,alhaji dangote,chief ifeanyi uba,chief amaechi, and all rich men all over the world. join zedichorah brotherhood occult now for this great opportunity to liberate your family from the chacos of poverty you found yourself and turn into light today, we are here to make the poor to become rich and the rich ones to become richer. we are sorry about what is happening online be careful illuminati is not african tradition is made for the rich ones and the famous this is for those of you talking of illuminati, call our spiritual grand master for more inquirers +234816 658 0486 #i want to join occult #i want to join occult to be rich and famous #i want to join secret society in africa #i want to join occult in ghana #i want to join occult to be free from my enemy #i want to belong to rich family #i want to join occult for protection #i want to join occult to be wealthy in life #i want to join to make my dreams to come to pass #i want to join occult for money ritual #i want to join occult fraternity #i want to join occult group for success #i want to join occult temple to make real money #i want to join real occult for promotion in my business i want to belong to the rich and wealthy occult society online to be rich instantly zedichorah brotherhood occult is here to to show you the easy and shutter way of make money to live a luxury life. +234816 658 0486 i want to join secret brotherhood occult to be among the richest men in the word, join zedichorah brotherhood occult without human sacrifice, what we use here is only special animal bloods and series of other sacrificial items we use them to talk to the lord spiritual, the guardians of age, and every of your request will be granted. join us today and be wealthy and famous and shake hands with our lord lucifer the power of wealth and riches. for more information and enquiries call +234816 658 0486 our main aim and mission is to help all african youths to live the life of their dreams, join occult for wealth/money, fame, power, protection,instant rice. if you’ve been living a hardship all through your life time– here is the opportunity to change the cause of nature for the betterment of your future, join zedichorah occult the billionaire's club to reshape your dreams and live a fulfilled destiny in your life time, won’t you allow yourself to finally relax, enjoy life and live to your expectations don’t miss this greatest opportunity you may ever see it again. zedichorah brotherhood is an organization whose activities and inner functioning are concealed for non-members. zedichorah brotherhood is organized conspiracies working in secret to achieve a hidden agenda. members use secrecy to protect themselves and their movement. critics view them as malevolent organizations working against the general will of mankind. ‘ members may be required to conceal or deny their membership, and they are often sworn to hold the sacred secret of this brotherhood occult by an oath. violating the oath may result in the application of severe sanctions. like the most successful forgeries, the most we are not suppose to be on the internet but because of this comments: ‘i want to join occult in nigeria’ ‘i want to join real occult in ghana’ ‘i want to join occult in africa to be rich’ ‘i want to join good occult fraternity in nigeria’ ‘i want to join great illuminati in nigeria to be rich’ ‘i want to join illuminati occult in nigeria/africa’ ‘i want to join illuminati brotherhood in nigeria’ we are now here only interested one's. we have received several emails regarding our stories in the media about joining the zedichorah brotherhood occult. most people have asked how they can join, while others simply wanted to understand the phenomenon further. today, we look at how to join this secret society. according to the rules and regulations on how to join the family, the promise of wealth, success, power and domination simply by joining zedichorah occult is heresy. powerful, influential, intelligent, entrepreneurial, successful and wealthy individuals make up the brotherhood order. in order to join the billionaire's occult hello!! what challenges are you facing in life today, is it poverty/frustrations, are you through with your education and no job employment? are you marketer no improvement you have tried all you can to make sure you are successful, famous, rich, powerful but nothing have work out for you, right now a great opportunity is giving to you to change your life for good,l. contact temple grandmaster +234816 658 0486 why not start today building that happiness, prosperity, inner power and peace by joining the zedichorah brotherhood? **we don't share or sale your details to third parties, your details are secured without fears, because we have pastors, imams, musicians, politicians, students, lawyers and individuals. we accept everyone who are interested in becoming one of us despite your religion don't worry about your details. call now to make inquiry +234816 658 0486 we have our grand lodge temple situated here in g.r.a phase 1 port harcourt rivers state nigeria. call +234816 658 0486

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